Grannie's Recipes - Life Lessons That Feed Our Soul (Hard Copy)


Grannie's Recipes - Life Lessons That Feed Our Soul (Hard Copy)


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Grannieā€™s Recipes is is a compilation of stories from 9 women and the life lessons learned by the family matriarch that will bring about healing, restoration, forgiveness, laughing, crying, and great memories.

I dedicate my chapter Strong Foundation to the memory of my grandmother Christine Johnson better known as Gran. She gave me the recipes of life that would feed my soul and helped me assemble my life on faith, love, truth, and integrity.Ā 

Thank you for your purchase and I pray that as you read this book you take these lessons and build upon what you learned from your grandmother and share these lessons with your family. Allow Grannieā€™s Recipes to be Life Lessons That Feed Your Soul.

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